Customer Service

As a 15 year customer service veteran, Chad Armel has built a unique set of skills that have helped build a track record of customer success and customer satisfaction. From hospitality to the medical field, Chad has successfully dealt with customer related issues ranging from hotel guests to executives at some of the countries most prestigious hospitals.

Serving customers, and motivating others to perform at their peak ability, are two passions that have driven Chad to achieve a level of success that has led him to be viewed as an expert in the field.

Chad has been a contributing writer at ICMI – The Authority on Contact Center Performance Excellence. As seen on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. Read his article “5 Things That Instantly Destroy the Customer Experience” HERE

Chad has recently been interviewed by One Paper Lane on Why Customer Experience Should Be a Holistic Effort. You can read the interview HERE.

Chad was also recently asked to review and give feedback on a Customer Service Benchmark Report written by SuperOffice, and was included among an amazing panel of Customer Service trainers, experts, as well as keynote speakers. You can read more HERE.

Outdoor Adventures

One of Chad’s greatest passions is outdoor adventure. He has spent a lifetime in the outdoors, and with years of experiences hiking, biking, camping, fishing, as well as spending many days with his feet in the sand of some beach along the coast of somewhere beautiful, Chad has many memories to share, and many tales to tell of a part time beach bum searching for a full time vacation. In 2003, he set off on his most epic voyage with a wonderful young lady, who he now is lucky enough to call his wife, and in 2011, they brought aboard a son to help make the outdoor adventures even more enjoyable. Be sure to keep up to date with the Armel family outdoor adventures at www.TheSuperTrips.com !


In 2006, Chad published a motivational and inspiration poetry book titled “Stepping Stones”. With the birth of his son in 2011, Chad recently added a poem for his son, and republished the book. The book can be purchased HERE. Chad has also been published in a book titled “Poetic Musings”. With his latest project, Chad shares his customer service experience and skill set through articles tailored to those who want to provide the best experience for their customers.