Summerfield Farms – A Local Farm That Gave Us A Warm Welcome

The past couple of months have been an amazing time as my family has settled into our new home of Greensboro/Summerfield North Carolina. The southern life is something I certainly got used to quickly, and we have met some amazing people, who have shown us first hand the meaning of Southern Hospitality. While exploring our area, we came across a local farm that appeared to jump off of the front cover of a magazine.  As we pulled into the driveway, the picturesque charm of the farm was apparent. From the barn, to the market, and the amazing personalities of the people we came in contact with, we certainly felt the warm welcome.

As I was trying some of the Summerfield Farms hats on my five year old son, his larger than life personality was on full display with the ladies behind the counter, when a gentleman walked up and started to talk to us. He introduced himself as David Couch, and soon after, a lady who he introduced as his wife Stephanie, was talking to my wife with their children, then we all joined in on a great conversation. After a few minutes, I realized the gentleman was the owner of the farm, and being new to the area, I was interested in learning more about the farm. We had come from a rural are in Western Pennsylvania, but I have never visited a farm quite like this one. The feel was a bit different than what I was used to. After he told me a few of the future plans, and some of the family events they have scheduled, we let them get back to their conversations with the other customers, and made our first purchase of local cinnamon honey. As we left the farm that day, my wife said, “That Stephanie looks like a model, or a country singer, or something.”  We later found out that David’s wife, Stephaie Quayle is in fact a country singer, and after listening to some of her songs, I have to say, she is an amazing female country singer. There will be more to come about her music in a future review I am writing for my music section.

David Couch is a well established real estate business man, and after our first visit to Summerfield Farms, I consider him an absolute gentleman as well. His family, and the Summerfield Farms staff, not only made us feel welcome to the farm, but also to the area. As we get further settled, we are looking forward to visiting the farm more often, and joining in on some of the amazing family events they have planned. The more I learn about the farm, and the Summerfield area, the more I am quickly starting to feel connected to the area. An interesting fact I learned from the farms website is that the stones used to build the historic gymnasium at Summerfield Elementary School where my son attends, was taken from the area now known as Summerfield Farms.

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