Bing Rewards Soon To Be Microsoft Rewards

Bing Rewards has been a nice program for those who use Bing as their primary search engine. By simply using Microsoft’s search engine, members have been able to earn points and redeem for gift cards, Groove Music passes, store discounts, sweepstakes, etc.

Microsoft is launching a new program, and will soon be converting all Bing Rewards Credits to Microsoft Rewards Points. Members will be able to earn points by searching in Bing, shopping in the Windows and Microsoft stores, as well as using the Microsoft Edge browser. According to Microsoft, members will be able to earn rewards points faster, as long as they stay logged into their Microsoft account, and points will be converted at 10 times the current rate.

The new Microsoft Rewards will consist of two tiers, and Microsoft has announced that current Bing members will get a free boost to level two through October 31, 2016. After the introductory period, members can keep the level two status by simply earning at least 500 points per month.

I’m looking forward to the launch of Microsoft Rewards, and the opportunity to earn more rewards faster. With faster rewards, I will have to increase my points goals and wish list to bigger prizes.

To find out more, and to watch the video, Click Here.

What do you think of the announcement of Microsoft Rewards? Share your thoughts below.

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