The Angel That Saved Me

We all have our ups and downs. The brightest days, and of course our darkest nights are a part of the journey we take through a lifetime. Today is a special day, because I get to reflect on a milestone, but more importantly, I am reflecting on the darkest days of my life, and the Angel that saved me.  She not only was my saving grace, but truly the first thing in this life I could believe in, as she lifted me from the gutter. She pointed me toward God, when for the first time, I felt the healing hand of our Lord touch my soul, and cleanse me of the horrific pain I felt inside.  Just when I thought the downward emotional spiral was destined to leave me in ashes from the crash, God sent an Angel into my path, and as I look back, it was that very moment that changed my life forever.

Today, I look back, and am amazed at the journey we have made together. From the first hello, to thirteen years together, and seven years married, with a wonderful five year old son; simply put, I can’t explain in words how much I love my wife. Since the first time my eyes met her eyes, I felt the love of God through her touch. Nothing happens over night, and that certainly is the case for my emotional recovery, as well as simply believing in myself. Having an amazing woman by my side to share my darkest thoughts, deepest pains, and biggest fears with is the single most amazing blessing that God has every bestowed on me.

It was seven years ago today, on the beautiful beach of Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys that I was blessed to walk away hand in hand with the most gorgeous bride, and the one I would build a life with. Since that day, we have built a life together that I have no doubt I would never have been able to build without her. Every year together, we continue to learn and build. From our first apartment, to our first house, the birth of our son, to right in the middle of the most stressful time of our life together as I write this, she has been the backbone when I needed the additional strength. When I came home from work, and told her I wanted to take a position that would move us hundreds of miles away, with no one to lean on but ourselves, she truly proved to me that not only does she believe in me, but we are in this for life. With not a single question asked, she said, let’s grab the opportunity and fly with it.

This month not only marks seven years married, but also marks a brand new chapter in our life. As we begin this chapter in sunny North Carolina, our patience, Faith, and strength are being tested. At the same time, our love continues to grow. I am excited to continue on this life journey with my wife, my partner, and my best friend. And to conclude, I just want to say Happy Anniversary to the most amazing woman, my wife, Mrs. May Armel.

This song says it all…..


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