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In my continuous search to find new mobile apps to review, I always enjoy when marketing and technology meet in a way that makes things easier for everyday small business owners who do not have the budget for hiring marketing professionals. I recently came across such an app, and quickly found that it is not overly powerful, but for the right person, this application is perfect for an easy ad campaign, coupon creation, or quick product catalog.

Sprightly is a Microsoft Garage App that promises to make it easy to create professional looking designs on mobile with no previous experience. From my early testing of this product, I believe that anyone can jump in and begin designing with not much of a learning curve. The product is not the best fit for a large company with a design budget that can afford top creative talent, but for a small business owner trying to create a way to be more interactive with customers, Sprightly could be the perfect fit.

With their click, make, share approach, the Sprightly team have created an app that in a just a few taps of the screen, a couple lines of text, and a photo, anyone can be on their way to creating the perfect ad to feature in a small email marketing campaign.

After launching Sprightly, the user is presented with a Create New button, and after the first design is completed, the opening page displays the previous designs. At the time of this blog post, the current template categories available for use are Catalog, Pricelist, Ecard, Flyer, and Coupon.

Once a design project is complete, Sprightly makes it easy to share by email, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Social Media, and more. Combined with other technologies, Sprightly makes creating a marketing campaign, catalog, etc. achievable to small business owners who do not have the budget or design experience for a large project. This could make Sprightly an incredibly useful tool.

To find out more about Sprightly on Android CLICK HERE.

To find out more about Sprightly on iOS CLICK HERE

Watch the video below to find out how Sanjana and fanzart use Sprightly in their business.

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