Microsoft Hub Keyboard Just Feels Right

A few weeks ago, I decided to skip on jumping to a Windows 10 phone, and opted instead to create a Microsoft experience on Android. Since starting down that path, I have been busy trying as many Microsoft apps as I can, to get the best group of apps working together for me on my LG-G4.

Recently, I replaced the Swiftkey Keyboard app with Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard, which has solved a few issues for me. I found the Swiftkey layout was a bit small and was causing me much frustration when typing. When I first started using the Switfkey keyboard, the main selling point for me was the claims of an auto correct that actually works. My experience while using the keyboard was not as smooth as I had hoped for, but the Hub Keyboard has resolved my issues.

While working from my phone, I often use messages that I have written and saved when communicating by direct message on social media. With the built in extensions, the Hub keyboard makes it easy to build a list of previously copied text to be queued up for use in just a couple quick taps of the screen. I have noticed an immediate increase in the speed in which I am able to send messages from this well designed feature.

The Hub keyboard layout has been a large part of my positive experience during early testing of the app. Since switching to Hub, I find myself making far less errors while typing, allowing for better productivity when working on my smart phone. The Hub experience gives me a little more control over the auto correct feature, as well as allows users to switch between auto correct and the built in extensions bar.

The current extensions included at installation are Clipboard, Documents, Contacts, Web and News, Translator, and Thesaurus, which give the user a lot of power to complete many tasks directly from the keyboard. The Documents extension allows a user to access Office 365 documents in OneDrive and Sharepoint, while the Web and News apps extension is powered by Bing to bring web search capability to the keyboard.

My early testing of the Hub keyboard has been a great experience, and as previously mentioned, has made a noticeable difference in my overall productivity while working on my android device. There are however, many features that will take some time to dive further into, and I look forward to continuing to learn just how powerful the Hub keyboard is when fully utilized. For now I leave you with this simple statement to wrap things up. It just feels right.

You can get the Hub Keyboard Here

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