Microsoft, The Perfect Android Experience

Now that I have your attention, let me first say that prior to a recent turn of events, I would never have thought the word’s Microsoft and perfect Android experience would have been typed on my keyboard. For many years, I have been a huge Ubuntu Linux fan, and still think Ubuntu is a solid operating system. I also have had my up and down rollercoaster ride of feelings toward Google products, and the company in general. When the Chromebooks launched, I quickly grabbed one up and thought, this is it, the future of computing, only to then realize that a Chromebook does little more than the Android phone I carry in my pocket.

And speaking of Android. For many years, I hated the thought of using an Android phone. That was until I jumped ship from Verizon to T-Mobile, and bought my first Nexus phone.  From the Nexus 5, I jumped to an iPhone, which for me was an experience I choose to never relive. Sorry Apple fans, it’s just not my cup of tea. From the iPhone, I re-entered the world of Google with the Nexus 6, living happily in my glorious little Google bubble with my Nexus 6, Nexus 7 tablet, and shiny Samsung Chromebook. That bubble burst when Google released the new line of Nexus phones, and chose not to sell them through carriers. Being in the T-Mobile system, and realizing I would have to pay off my Nexus 6, then purchase a new phone from Google, I chose to derail my affection for the Nexus brand, and instead decided to give the LG-G4 a try.

This brings me to the past year, which has flipped my entire technological world upside down. For years, I lived with not a care in the world about what Microsoft was doing. The only computer I had in my house that ran Windows was my work laptop, and I was completely fine with that. It could have ran Ubuntu, and I would have been even more happy. Then came Windows 10, sneaking through the dark, and grabbing my attention during the Insider Preview Beta release. I had previously beta tested Windows 8, and quickly lost my dinner over the horrific event. Ubuntu was installed once again within one hour of that disaster. I honestly had no big expectations that Windows 10 would be any better, after the previous track record, though Windows 7 appears to have become the new Windows XP, and is a solid operating system.

As I began testing Windows 10, I quickly realized that, owe no, am I about to say this about a Microsoft product? Yes, in fact I am about to say it, “I Love It”. I have been an Insider since early July of 2015, and have been diving further into the Windows Insider world ever since. This affection for Windows 10 has recently led me to the thought of leaving Android behind, and completing the full jump into Microsoft land with a Windows 10 phone, until I discovered something last week out of the Microsoft Garage projects.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher has completely changed the user experience of Android in an amazing way. Once installed, it took very little time to realize that Microsoft might just have created a better user interface than any Android manufacturer, as well as a better user interface than their own Windows 10 phones. This got me thinking, what else does Microsoft have out there that could help create an all around great Android user experience? After another search in the Google Play store, I found the Microsoft Next lock screen, which added another layer to my new UI that worked seamlessly with Arrow, but I did not end my search there. After listening to the great folks at TWiT on the Microsoft Weekly podcast, I learned about the SwiftKey keyboard that Microsoft recently purchased.

With the addition of SwiftKey, I have presented myself a true dilemma. Until this past week, I was excited to give one of the Windows 10 phones a try, but since my recent venture into the Microsoft Android user experience, I find myself diving deeper in the insider programs for each of the new apps I installed, and very content with the Microsoft powered Android phone. All of this leads me to the conclusion that Microsoft has created the perfect Android experience. If your interested in giving the apps a try, head over to the Google Play store, and after you test them out, be sure to give your feedback here on your experience.

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